Lots of artist resources are in this picture: a sketchbook, pens, a keyboard, and laptop.

Discover more art in the Midwest with The Flyover State Creative Guide

Find out what the Midwest States have to offer for art and more. If you consider yourself an artist, creative person, art lover, or adventurer, then you’ll love traveling to see these unique experiences in the Midwest.

There’s just one thing… it’s that a lot of this creativity gets overlooked. That’s where The Flyover State Creative Guide comes in. We’re a travel guide (and more!) for both artists and the creatively inclined. So gather your sketchbooks and dress for the weather. It’s time to explore and learn about artistic places and creative communities right here in your own backyard (or your grandparents backyard if you’re just visiting from out of state).

Follow your creative soul as we explore places around the Midwest for artists

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